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Beachport is a small coastal town 379 kilometres south-east of Adelaide, South Australia, located in the Limestone Coast region. Known for its 772 metres long jetty, Beachport is located on the northern end of the sheltered Rivoli Bay which is reknown for not only its top fishing spots but also its world famous Southern Rock Lobster. 


It's quiet atmosphere and unspoiled beauty remains a constant pleasure for visitors and locals alike throughout all seasons of the year.  With the sweeping sandy beaches of Rivoli Bay to the north and the rugged coastal scenary of the Southern Ocean's Great Australian Bight to the south & west, Beachport's peninsula offers a range of coastal activites and historic landmarks to visit...

  • The Jetty - The second longest jetty in South Australia measuring 772 meteres into the waters of Rivoli Bay

  • Pool of Siloam - A unique salt lake rumored to be 7 times saltier than the ocean with grassy banks and a small pier

  • Bowman Scenic Drive - providing spectacular view of the rugged coastline from the Lighthouse to Woolleys Rock Lookout

  • Woolley Lake - a small saltwater lagoon with walk skirting the lake provides excellent lookout vistas and enchanting wildlife haunts

  • Durants Lookout - provides breathtaking pananormic views of the township through to Rivoli Bay & the Southern Ocean

  • Penguin Island

  • Historic Sites - including the Custom House & the Beachport Museum - both well worth a look for a detailed insight into our history as a whaling station established in 1830s

  • Woakwine Cutting - Located 12kms from Beachport, this cutting which was created to drain farmland behind the Woakwine Range is said to be the largest one man engineering feat.

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